Members of my family.. (on most of those I am not present, since its always me taking the pictures ;-)


ddmagdalena.jpg (24047 byte)
Me with Magdalena, youngest child of my sister
fasching2.jpg (56407 byte)
My sister, Angela, with her husband and the four kids dressed for Carneval at my place in 2001
garden2.jpg (42460 byte)
Me with Tobias (with the red hair), Benjamin and little Magdalena in my garden
oma.jpg (47461 byte)
My mother with Benjamin, Raphael and Tobias
eltern2.jpg (60825 byte)
My mother and father during a visit together on Lake Como in 2002
family.jpg (84912 byte)
My family in traditional southern german clothes during 1st communion of my sister's eldest son Raphael

Visit in Vienna in September 2004

Silberhochzeit Franz und Karin August 2005

There are others.. but I still have to scan the old pictures.. sooner or later I'll do it :) 

(click on the pictures to see them in full splendour :)