Friends and Family

    Feline cancer, particularly fibrosarcoma, support and therapy 










Friends and family.. 

some sites of people I like .. more soon to come! 

Journeying-Journalling - Ricky in Australia La Soprano del Terzo Millennio - Daniela Stigliano
All Creatures Great and Small - Sharon   





Emetophobia.. what is that, some of you will ask. 

In short, it is a terrible fear of vomiting and everything connected to it. For many years I thought I was the only person on the world to suffer from it, well, from 1997 on I have discovered there are hundreds, probably thousands out there with the same problem! There are mailing lists, websites and discussion groups galore on the issue, so I won't write another dissertation here but limit myself to listing some interesting links. Feel free to send me any further detail you think should appear here. Gut Reaction  Emet-Recovery (yahoo mailing list)
http://www.forumvirtuale/emetophobia Emetophobia_FearOfVomiting (another yahoo list)


And that is what is helping me personally to overcome my fears:      







My main job is sustainable tourism. Meaning that I try to teach hoteliers and other people who work in the tourism sector to be more responsible towards our Mother Earth.

Sometimes I also design web pages and multimedia presentations, I get even paid for it ;-)

My "firm": A non-profit association I founded in 1994 together with other people with similar ideals (sorry, it is mostly in Italian language.. we are working on the translation)

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